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Hi All,

Once again we start a new year.

Checked out the bees today and they are seem comfortable. They do not hibernate in the sense o the word, instead their metabolism slows right down to conserve energy. I lift the lids of the hives ever so gently and the bees can be seen slowly moving around very so slowly. It reminds me of a bunch of drunks, very similar to my teenage boys at a weekend!!

I noticed the sign below, or should that be a warning, on a wall in the new museum at the pier-head in Liverpool, perhaps the most important exhibit? I am no expert in these matters, but it surely should make us all stop and think? On a "lighter" note hopefully we will soon notice the lengthening of the days, well the daylight!

See ya

Bee keeper


I have recently commenced Educational Bee Visits for schools.

The children were excited beyond belief to see the inner most working of a bee hive, our generation needs to ensure that the honey bee survives for future generations to enjoy..........................

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Fun Bee Facts . . .

Honey bees communicate with one another by "dancing".
Only worker bees sting, and only if they feel threatened and they die
once they sting.
Bertie Bee