Bee Charities 
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British Beekeepers Association
The BBKA, an educational charity set up in 1874, is the UK's leading organisation representing beekeepers. Click for website
Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association.
BIBBA was founded in 1964, by Beowulf Cooper and others, for the conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of the native and near-native honey bees of Britain and Ireland. Click for website
Bees for Development Trust
Bees for Development promotes simple, sustainable beekeeping.
We help people living in poor and remote areas of the world to produce honey and beeswax, protect local biodiversity and keep bees healthy. Click for website
 International Bee Research Association
Founded in 1949, the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) is a not for profit organisation.

It is funded from the generosity of our members and supporters, and by donations and legacies.
Click for website
Bees Abroad UK Ltd
We are a small UK-registered charity seeking to reduce poverty through beekeeping.
Volunteer Project Managers assess and support beekeeping projects in developing countries world wide. Click for website

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Bee Fact: The bee's brain is oval in shape and only about the size of a sesame seed, yet it has remarkable capacity to learn and remember things and is able to make complex calculations on distance travelled and foraging efficiency.
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