Hire A Hive is suitable for all businesses large and small . . .

Your new beehive can be located in a variety of locations and you need absolutlely no knowledge of bee-keeping whatsoever!

Hire a Hive is ideal for garden centres, craft centres, offices, landscape gardeners, golf courses, visitor atrractions, caravan parks and many more!

Alternatively, why not sponsor a hive for your local school?

Our brightly coloured hives lare simply bound to get your business noticed!

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No Maintenance!

There is no need to know anything about bees because our experienced Beekeepers totally manage your hive for you - easy!
Business Hire
Help Make A Difference and attract new customers

As a successful business owner you constantly seek ways to make your business stand out from the crowd to increase your sales or customer base.

However, in these difficult times gaining that unique edge can be difficult and expensive!

Hire A Hive is a unique initiative which offers environmentally conscious business owners with an opportunity to make a real difference which will appeal to those customers who actively seek out businesses
who really do care about the future of our planet.

You have no doubt heard about the decline of bees around the world, without them, there would be a global catastrophy. However, not many people want to become beekeepers! - This is where Hire a Hive offers the ideal solution.

Hire A Hive is a professional service providing fully managed hives available in a range of beautiful contemporary colours which can be sited at your business or home or client premises. You could also consider sponsoring a hive for your local school or college, many of whom would welcome a hive for educational purposes.

What benefits will Hire A Hive bring to my business?

Choosing Hire A Hive is not merely making an 'environmentally friendly' statement for your company, it shows that your company is making a real contribution to help save the British Bee for future generations.

Choosing Hire A Hive can bring the following benefits for your business:

* A truly unique selling point to give you the edge and attract new customers
* Increased potential for press coverage for your business ( which is free!!)
* Unique marketing opportunities to increase revenue potential
* Demonstrate your environmental credentials in a practical and positive way
* You and your customers will really help to save our bees
* Satisfaction that you have made a real difference to the legacy we all offer future generations

Hire A Hive is a truly unique service which does not cost the earth with prices starting from just £14.95 per week for a fully managed beehive..

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Bertie Bee