Fun Bee Facts!
Larger than the worker bees, the male honey bees (also called drones), have no stinger and do no work at all.
"Unique among all God's creatures, only the honeybee improves the environment and preys not on any other species." ~ Royden Brown
It's a Bee's Life
Enjoy a fascinating experience looking into the world of the honeybee

Due to a rising number of requests, Hire A Hive are now offering a true insight into the world of the honeybee by providing our Bee's Life Experience Days.


Our unique experience days will not only inform you about the life of bees and the challenges they currently face, but you will also be able to see the inners workings of a hive under the guidance of an experienced bee-keeper.

Our experience days are available from April to October and can be booked as individuals or small groups.


Upon arrival we will introduce you to the world of bee-keeping and highlight some of the problems which are currently faced by the decline in bees around the world.

We then provide you with tha all important bee suit in readiness for opening one of our hives. Our bee-keeper will then light a smoker to calm the bees befor opening the hive for you to see.

Your challenge will then be to spot the Queen Bee if you can!

Whilst the hive is open, you will learn about how the hive works and be able to see the worker bees in action!

The experience itself will last about 90 minutes and you will be given every opportunity to ask questions and hopefully gain a better understanding about the importance of bees in our environment.

Our Bee's Life Experience is suitable for all ages, potential bee-keepers, or those of you who simply want to get the rare opportunity to see real nature in action!

NOTE: We would advise however, that although it is unlikely that you would be stung, we cannot guarantee this. If you are unsure regarding any possible medical problems you may have, we strongly suggest that you seek medical advice before booking.

The usual cost of this bee visit is adult/u16's £35/£20 but for booking made in May this will be reduced to £20/£10

To book  please use our Contact Page or call us on 01744 23300


Bertie Bee