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Hire a Hive Showroom opened by John Prescott
John Prescott, ex Secretary of State for the Environment discussing Hire a Hive at our new showroom

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Private Hire Of Hives
Our brightly coloured ornamental or working hives look fabulous in your garden.

Low Maintenance!

There is no need to know anything about bees because our experienced Beekeepers totally manage your hive for you - easy!
About Us
A little about who we are . . .

"It has been said that people involved with bees live longer!"

Helen and Steve Forshaw have enjoyed successful careers both home and abroad in Catering Hospitality, Farming, Construction, Building, Property and IT in both corporate positions and their own businesses.

Our interest in the environment led us to aquiring several hives of bees located both on our allotment and home garden.

We are members of our local bee keepers association along with the British Bee Keepers Association. We are regular attendees at branch meeting when many topics of bee keeping are discussed. We have undertaken formal bee keeping courses and intend to continue with these studies for many years to come!
We are in close contact with our local Bee Inspector and it is out intention that all our hives with be registered on the Government's Bee Base, set up to monitor and improve bee health.
We are fully supportive of research into bee diseases, and we hope in some small way to contribute to this important area. Indeed the more hives that are placed with our clients the greater likelihood of us making a major contribution to the improvement of bee health.

We soon realised the tremendous need for more bees in all parts of the UK. Very few people have the time or experience to keep bees but often realise their importance. With this in mind Helen and Steve decided to start a business that made a real difference and Hire A Hive was born!
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