"If the bees disappeared off the face of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.
No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man"
Albert Enstein

Bee Facts . . .
  - Bees around the world are in decline

 - Bees rarely sting

 - One beehive can pollinate about half a million plants in one day!

 - Without bees our food prices would rocket

 - Bees are good for your garden

 - Owning or hiring a bee hive helps your environment

 - Farmers need bees to pollinate crops
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The above statement may seem quite dramatic, but the fact is that the humble honey bee is often not appreciated for the crucial part it plays in our world.

Often viewed as scary insects that pack a nasty sting, the honey bee is frequently misunderstood and unappreciated.
The REAL truth about the Honey Bee

The real character of the honey bee is perhaps more accurately represented by our Hire A Hive mascot . . . 'Bertie Bee'.
The truth is that bees are quiet, industrious and amazingly intelligent creatures who really don't want to sting anybody!

Honey bees are not only beneficial for any avid gardener who enjoys seeing an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables, they are of huge environmental and economic importance.

You may think that the honey bee simply makes honey, but the truth is that bees spend their lives pollinating the crops, trees and plants which provide our food.

Without bees pollinating our crops we would need to use far more labour intensive pollination method which would dramatically increase even the most basic food prices - some estimate that it could double prices!
The future of Honey Bees is in our hands . . .

Bees are in danger of disappearing from our environment. The natural habitats and forage of solitary and bumblebees have changed dramatically and natural colonies are now few and far between them little chance for re-establishment.

The honey bee is also under attack from the varroa mite, but with the treatment and care provided by beekeepers such as Hire A Hive, we can ensure that the maximum number of bee colonies survive. Most wild honey bee colonies have died
out as a result of this disease.

But this is where you can contribute . . .
You do not need to know anything about bees to have a hive
but you will be helping the real 'Bertie Bees' survive and increase
in numbers once again . . . Ask about Hiring your Hive TODAY!
Bertie Bee